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For Kids:

Find information on almost any science topic at:

Here's another great student oriented science search engine

Interested in Space?

And don't miss this page!
Science news and information about the Sun-Earth environment.

Here's a site that explores the scale of the Universe in Powers of 10 using flash animation.  Very cool!  Thanks to Mrs. Carter for finding this web page!

 For more on human evolution check out this wonderful site and navigate through time to see the range of our species development over geologic time!

A great weekly science radio program on NPR with endless links.  You can listen to the archived shows too!

You can get the best information on epidemiology, emerging diseases, and bio-terrorism here:

and here: the World Health Organization website

Wow!  Here's a cool page on recent and past earthquakes in the United States.  You can find out the location, intensity, and damage on any quake that has been archived.  But you can also report how you felt a recent quake.  The United States Geological Survey is happy to get this information so it can learn more about earthquakes.  Just open the link below and click on the "Did You Feel It" tab to check out this cool feature



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For Parents:

To find almost anything education related including articles on pedagogy and policy:

A excellent site devoted to stimulating reading interest in teenagers from the American Library Association

Teenagers are the fastest growing demographic group in the world today.  As such, they are one of the most heavily targeted groups for marketing.  Watch (click on the photo below) a brutally revealing PBS  Frontline report that goes behind the scenes of how, as one expert on the subject of media says, "...only in America do the most sophisticated minds target the most vulnerable minds in society".   I encourage parents to watch and discuss this show with their teenage children!  Note: there is some strong language and frank talk about sexual and violent content in media. (fast connection recommended)

I also highly recommend this book by the man who started Children Now, and heads JP Children, a media company for children's programming.  The author, James P. Steyer, tells an insiders story of the lengths marketers and popular media corporations go to in attracting children as consumers, and what we can do to combat this insidious growth industry.

In 1968, on the day after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated,  Jane Elliot, an Illinois public school teacher taught her third grade class a lesson in discrimination they would never forget.  Frontline has released, for internet viewing, a program that combines the original footage of this famous sociological experiment with a get- together of the class members 14 years later.  Click below to watch this astonishing program. (fast connection recommended)


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For Everybody!

Want to get a kid interested in science for life?  Want to look through the largest telescope open to public viewing on the west coast?  We have a fantastic opportunity to look at our celestial neighborhood and beyond into deep space any weekend night at the Chabot Space & Science Center located conveniently in the Oakland hills.  You can look through 3 observatory telescopes and countless other amateur scopes for free!  And on Friday nights you can wander through astronomy exhibits that include 16th century Chinese celestial observation spheres and a mock up of the Mercury capsule or you can even join a telescope making workshop!  Don't miss out on this incredible resource here in our own backyard on any weekend night!  Be sure to check out their web site for all the other things you can see and do at Chabot.


For the majority of human history, the world's human population has remained below 1 billion.  Early in the 20th century human, population reached 2 billion due primarily to advancements in technology and improvements in medicine and living conditions. You can check the population of the Earth at any given moment by clicking the link below.  The clock on this page is not real time, but is based on calculations by the U.S. Census Bureau. 

Check out the latest earthquakes in California and even report on ones you felt!

Television and Radio that respects your intelligence.  The Bay Area's oldest and still the best public, non-profit media:


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